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Leon Poorekhorsandi

Leon Poorekhorsandi began his athletics training under coach Bala Govind in 2003 when he was eight years old. He began to perform well at interschool events and rose to the status of Maharashtra champion in the 400m track event. His National medal run began when he was 15 years old, by which time he was training under both coach Bala Govind and coach Firoz Ustad.

Achievements :

2015 National Games, Kerala : 3rd in the 4 × 400m Relay Men's.                                                                                                                                        

2015 National Junior Federation Cup, Hyderabad : 4th in 400m. Personal best timing : 47.95 sec.

2015 Junior State 1st place in 400m.

2015 Senior State 2nd place in 400m.

2014 All India Inter-University 400m finalist : Timing - 48.75 secs.

2011-2012 Junior Nationals, Bhopal : 3rd place in 400m.

Won 4 × 400m relays for Maharashtra team in U/16, U/18 and U/20 .


Pratyangira Kashyap

Pratyangira Kashyap started training in track athletics in the year 2009, under coach Firoz Ustad when she was eight years old. Pratyangira has been ranked the fastest U/14 200m sprinter in Maharashtra and fastest U-16 200m sprinter at the National Meet of I.C.S.E schools.

Achievements :

2017 Y.M.C.A State Athletic Meet: 1st place in 400m, 200m and 2nd place in 100m. Awarded the Individual Championship Girls U-18.

2017 DSO: 3rd place in 100m, 200m Girls U-19

2016 I.C.S.E schools, Maharashtra: 2nd place in 200m; National Meet 1st place in 200m, 4x100m Girls U-16

2016 MSDAA: 1st place in 100m and 200m, Girls U-16

2014 I.C.S.E schools, Maharashtra (AISM) : 3rd place in 100m, 2nd in the 200m, where she broke the meet record.

2014 School Games Nationals, Ranchi : Ran the semi-finals for Maharashtra State.

2014 YMCA State Athletic Meet : 1st in 100m and 200m, winning the trophy for Best U/14 girl athlete.

2014 Willington Catholic Gymkhana Meet : 1st in the 75m and 200m, winning the trophy for Best U/14 girl athlete.

2013 Maharashtra State Meets : 2nd in 100m at the Maharashtra Sub-Junior Athletics Meet and 3rd in 100m at the Mumbai District and State (DSO) Meet.

2013 Mumbai District and State (DSO) Meet, DSO Inter District Meet, Mumbai Division Meet and DSO State Meet in Sangli, Maharashtra: 1st in 200m.

2013 12th National Inter District Junior Athletics Meet : Ran in the finals and ranked the fourth fastest 100m runner.


Yuv Vora

Yuv Vora is known in athletics circles as 'Little Bolt'. He is small but incredibly fast. In January 2015 he broke the Mumbai Schools (MSSA) 20-year Meet record of 15.8 seconds by clocking 15.2 in the U/8 100m event.

Achievements :

2016 MSSA: 1st in 80m, 100m (E.M.R) Boys U-10.

2016 Maharashtra Sub-Junior Athletics Championship: 1st in 80m and 200m Boys U/10.

2016 Five Districts Athletics Championship: 3rd in 100m Boys U/10.

2015 Maharashtra Sub-Junior Athletic Championship, Pune: 3rd in 200m and 50m

2015 Sub-Junior State Meet, Pune : 3rd in 200m and 50m .

2015 Indian Masters Meet : 2nd in 200m .

2014 Willington Catholic Gymkhana Meet : 1st in 75m and 50m, won the trophy for best U/8 boy athlete .

2014 Sub-Junior State Meet, Pune : 1st in 100m and 50m, setting new Meet Records and YMCA State Athletic Meet : 1st in 100m and 50m, setting new Meet Records.

2014 Mumbai Schools (MSSA) : 1st in 100m (breaking the 20-year Meet record) and in 50m.

2013 YMCA State Athletic Meet : 3rd in 100m Boys U/8.

2012 YMCA State Athletic Meet : 2nd in 50m Boys U/6.


Anirudh Ranshinge

Anirudh Ranshinge, yet another achiever from Trackblazers, believes that hard work pays off. And it has! He began training under Firoz Sir in 2016 and has won medals at every Meet, ever since. He respects his coach and seniors, Pratyangira especially being an inspiration to him.

Achievements :

2017 M.S.S.A: 2nd in 100m, 3rd in 50m, Boys U-10                                                                                                                                                                         

2017 Five Districts Athletics Championship: 1st in Long Jump

2017 Y.M.C.A State Athletic Meet: 2nd in 50m, 3rd in 100m, 4x100m

2017 I.C.S.E Schools State Meet: 2nd in 100m, 50m

2017 MSDAA: 1st in 50m, 100m

2017 Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana: 2nd in 50m, 80m

2016 MSSA: 2nd in 4 × 100m


Shenaiya Alphonso

Shenaiya Alphonso began her athletics training under coach Firoz Ustad when she was 10 years old. She is a naturally talented sprinter who has been winning school races since she was a toddler.

Achievements :

2017 AISM: 3rd in 100m, Girls U-16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

2017 MSDAA: 2nd in 100m

2016 DSO: 2nd in 100m, Girls U-14

2016 A.V.M Interschool Meet: 1st place in 100m, 200m, 400m and 4 × 100m relay

2015 I.C.S.E. Schools, Maharashtra State Meet (AISM): 1st in 100m and 4 × 100m relay

2009 State Meet, Aurangabad: Represented Mumbai city in U/10 category. 1st in 4 × 100m relay and 4th in 100m.


Aarush Gupta

Aarush Gupta began training under coach Firoz Ustad when he was seven years old. In 2015 and 2016, Oberoi International School (OIS) awarded him the Most Valuable Player trophy for his achievements in track-and-field. He won the Besant Montessori school championship and the fastest runner award at the annual sports meet in 2013.

Achievements :

2016 OIS Invitational Interschool Track and Field Meet: 2nd place in 100m, 1st place in 400m, 1st place in 200m                                              

2015 OIS Invitational Interschool Track and Field Meet: 1st place in 100m, 200m, 400m and 100m relay


Purusharth Naidu

Purusharth Naidu has been training in track with coach Firoz Ustad since 2013 when he turned 9. He has been learning high jump from coach Chirag Patel. In November 2015 he won 3rd place in High Jump in the YMCA State Athletic Meet. He also won the School Champion award in 2014-15 for being the best sportsperson at Besant Montessori School.

Achievements :

2016 Maharashtra Sub-Junior Athletic Championship: 2nd in High Jump, Boys U-12                                                                                           

2015 YMCA State Athletic Meet: 3rd place in High Jump