Disciplined, Dedicated, Dynamic!


Speak volumes ...


"My daughter, Chelsea Lewis (11) has been training with Firoz Sir for about 2 years. She has consistently won the Gold medal in the girls 100m flat race at school for the last 2 years. She has also been part of the relay team which won the silver in Grade 5 and gold in Grade 6. We would like to thank coach Firoz for the endless hours of encouragement, guidance, inspiration and motivation."

"My daughter Pratyangira began training with Firoz Sir six years ago. She is a Maharashtra Gold sprinter today, all thanks to his expertise in coaching track-and-field. Coach Firoz Ustad has made my 15-year-old daughter what she is: A young woman who knows the strength of her body and mind. She knows how to work persistently and hard. She takes each race that she wins with modesty and follows up each loss with the determination to work harder. These are invaluable life skills that Trackblazers Sports Academy has given her."

"It has been almost two years since I began training with Firoz Sir - an amazing journey. He has increased not only my stamina but taught me how to fight against my own barriers and up my endurance levels. I would recommend that everyone join the classes. You will understand in time what a difference they bring to your life in terms of discipline, struggle and realising your own competitiveness."

- Kaavya Goel (12)

"The training experience is very good. I have seen my daughter, Viviana H. Umrigar's speed at running improving and noticed a phenomenal increase in her stamina. She is more active than ever before."

"Firoz Sir is an excellent sports coach and trainer. My son, Shashwat, has been training with him for the last three years. Under his guidance my son's fitness, stamina and confidence have increased tremendously. He won medals on his school sports day. During Trackblazers' training sessions kids are also introduced to many sports like football, kho kho and kabaddi in an informal and fun way. They are motivated to develop healthy food habits. Sir is very child-friendly, and kids love him as much as they love his classes."

"Through a delightful combination of enthusiasm, nagging and sheer affection, Firoz sir manages to get the kids out of their T.V couches and computer chairs and on the running field. Beating the birds to it morning after morning can't be easy. They come for the love of the sport most days. But on the days it's just too hard, they come out of love for him."